Expert Copywriting Services For Medical and Health Industries


Educate your audience. Engage new clients.

Sell that product. Highlight your brand.


Let’s be honest here. You probably fit into one of these categories:

1. You’re a busy medical practitioner who doesn’t have the time (or interest) in writing your own copy.

2. You aren’t a medical practitioner and don’t even know where to begin in writing copy that relates.

Welcome! I work with both types of clients to help create content and copy that is:


Highly-researched for accuracy and usefulness

Targeted to your audience in your brand voice


Effective – Saving you time and money

Diving deeper, you’ve got problems and I’ve got solutions.

1. You’re on a time crunch and need new content, like, yesterday.

2. You’re a doctor (therapist, scientist, coach, etc.) and want to focus on your clients, not writing.

3. Your medical background doesn’t extend beyond a first aid kit. You need expert guidance and strategy.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a neurosurgeon or have a degree in accounting. I can help you.

I love working with clients who have one thing in common: they have a passion for their brand or business and understand the necessity of quality content and copywriting.

You can leave the rest to me. I’ll get to know your brand (or help you create one!) and your audience to uncover the benefits that resonate.

More traffic + More clients = More money.


What makes me the expert?

Hi, I’m May. A nurse with over a decade of healthcare experience. This has given me the gift of breaking down complex topics into information anyone can understand. The result is relatable copy that showcases you as the knowledgeable expert you are.

Your Success is my Success.

Real clients, real results.

May’s writing checks all the right boxes. She makes difficult concepts accessible, stays current on trending topics, and researches her work thoroughly. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s easy and fun to work with.


Product Content Specialist, Advantis Medical

“May is phenomenal! Her clinical background is a huge asset to medical writing and it’s clear she really understands our audience. On top of that, she has a great understanding of digital marketing needs and SEO and always ties her articles back to our company’s value (without any direction from us at all). She’s extremely reliable, an excellent communicator, and a pleasure to work with as well.”


VP of Sales and Marketing, Caresfield

“May is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Her strengths lie in her communication skills, both written and oral, her sense of responsibility, proactiveness, and her genuine concern for the growth and development of our organization.”

-Dr. Shahnawaz

Medical Director, Face2Face Health