You can call me your Word Maven.

Other synonyms include Master. Wizard. Hotshot.

I’m a registered nurse with over 10 years of healthcare experience. Some specialties I’ve worked in include acute care, travel nursing, case management, home health, and hospice. I use my profession to fuel my passion: writing. As a freelance medical writer, I pull from my expertise to craft strategic copy that guides healthcare businesses to success.


 More importantly, who are you?

  • A solo provider looking to scale up, but without taking time away from the patients you already have
  • A successful practice that needs frequent and consistent content that provides value to your clients
  • A healthcare start-up seeking assistance with promotions or product descriptions
  • An organization needing help educating consumers on pharmaceuticals or health information
  • A business looking for a website refresh or help making your copy shine
  • An influencer or expert who wants to grow their email list or social media accounts
  • An educational institution needing a subject matter expert to craft exam or quiz questions
  • Anyone who doesn’t have a medical background that needs the expertise and insight from someone who does

Increase traffic, sales, and authority. 

Those are probably a few of your goals. I’m not relying solely on my medical expertise to get you there.

I’ve spent hours and hours of time learning copywriting, marketing, and the psychology behind what makes someone ‘click’ ‘read’ and ‘buy.’