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Nursing Burnout Journal



As a dedicated nurse, you give your all to care for others, selflessly working day and night to make a difference. The demands of healthcare are relentless, and the long shifts, heavy workloads, mental and physical abuse, and lack of resources undoubtedly create an environment for burnout. What you are experiencing is not rare, but it shouldn’t be expected or tolerated.

As a nurse for over a decade, I’ve battled with my own burnout. I tried specialty after specialty, different shifts, and schedules, yet I burned out with each change. This comprehensive and empowering resource will help you navigate the complexities of nursing burnout and recognize where your burnout stems from.

This printer-friendly journal contains 24 pages and over 50 prompts of thought-provoking questions to promote self-reflection, self-care, and professional growth.

This journal is packed with activities, strategies, tips, and advice. Stop jumping from job to job, hospital to hospital, degree to degree, and find true happiness as a nurse. 

Coaching Calls for Nurses

1:1 Coaching Call

$30.00 for 30 minutes

Need to talk to a nurse who gets it?

During our 30-minute phone or Zoom call, we can discuss any of the following:

-How to get into a new specialty

-Revamping your resume

-Negotiating more money/benefits

-Overcoming shift anxiety

-Working with others

-Creating a nursing business

-Advancing your education

-Leaving nursing

-Taking on a leadership role

And more!


1:1 Student Coaching Call

$20.00 for 30 minutes


This coaching call is for the student nurse or new graduate nurse who needs the guidance of a nurse who’s been there, done that.

During our 30-minute phone or Zoom call, we can discuss:

-Navigating clinicals in nursing school

-Preparing for exams and test anxiety

-Writing care plans 

-How does nursing school compare to the real world?

-How to land a first job

-Choosing a specialty

-Getting comfortable – those first six months on the job

-Preparing for shifts

-Reporting and talking to doctors

-Time management

And more!