Blogs & Articles


Exercises to Improve Balance and Coordination

Client: Preworkout.org

B2C fitness blog

Understanding proprioception + exercises to improve balance and coordination.


Is a Lackluster Sex Drive Ruining Your Life?

Client: Giddy

B2C interview-style blog

Sexual health blog about hypoactive sexual desire disorder with direct quotes from leading industry experts.


Barcode Labeling: It Saves Time, Money, and Lives

Client: Caresfield

B2B blog post + case study

Long-form blog plus an overview of a case study of the client’s cryogenic labels.


Curious About Drug Compounding?

Client: Dermazinc

B2C ghostwritten blog post

Safety, regulations, benefits, and concerns of drug compounding. 


Post-Pandemic Trends Influencing Healthcare

Client: Advantis Medical

B2C blog post

New trends in travel nursing, remote work, telemedicine, and leadership.

Emails & Newsletters

New Year Newsletter

Email newsletter

Business updates, announcements, and webinar information.

National Nutrition Month Newsletter

Email newsletter

Educational email with nutrition tips, business resources, upcoming webinars, and provider spotlight.


Animal-Assisted Therapy

Monthly email newsletter on stroke and aphasia

Informational email exploring how animal-assisted therapy is utilized in stroke and aphasia care.


National Aphasia Awareness Month

Monthly email newsletter on stroke and aphasia

Types of aphasia + methods to practice speech and overcome aphasia.

Website Copywriting


Client: JOOSH anti-aging products

Web copy: About page

Goal: Build trust by offering scientifically-researched and personally tested natural supplements.


Client: JOOSH anti-aging products

Product description + FAQ

 Benefits and features + research-supported FAQ information.


Client: JOOSH anti-aging products

Web copy: Home page 

Target audience: Adults affected by chronic conditions seeking natural supplements for healthy living.


Client: Choice Medical Transport

Web copy: Home page & Services

Target audience: Patients seeking non-emergency medical transportation to appointments, pharmacies, outpatient treatment, and errands.

Print Copywriting


Client: Choice Medical Transport

B2B flyer mock-up for medical professionals introducing a new non-emergency medical transportation service.


Client: Choice Medical Transport

B2C brochure mock-up for patients advertising a new non-emergency medical transportation service.


Client: Peak Vascular Access

B2B flyer advertising mobile vascular access services.

peak-vascular-access brochure-outside
peak-vascular-access brochure-inside

Client: Peak Vascular Access

B2B brochure mock-up for healthcare providers advertising online IV certification courses.